Strategic Designs Ltd.

Strategic Designs Ltd was Founded in 2004 in Manchester, England by Mark Loveday and is the market leader in creating accurate and in-depth horse and greyhound racing strategy games.

Responsible for the long running Starters Orders series our games have been acclaimed by the racing press for their realism and accurate reflection of the sports. We develop for the PC, Apple Mac and mobile platforms.

Recent releases

Starters Orders 7

Released in December 2018 for the PC Starters Orders 7 is the latest in the long running and acclaimed horse racing management game series.

Currently this game is available for the PC via or Steam.

News on mobile platform releases will follow..

Avaiable now!

Starters Orders 6

Released late 2014 for the PC and Apple Mac Starters Orders 6 included a new 3D engine and features such as a real time jockey mode with Oculus Rift VR support, improved national hunt simulation and many more new features.
Starters Orders 6 was added to Steam a couple of years later and is still available.

Available on

Greyhound Manager 2 rebooted

Origionaly released in 2011 for the PC and iPad Greyhound 2 was rebooted in 2017 in order to support Windows 10.
The reboot also included a handfull of other minor improvements.
Currently this game is only available on Steam.

Available on

Eat, Sleep, Bet, Repeat

Origionaly a fun side project by the main developer of the Starters Orders series ESBR is a casual game revolving around benefits culture set in a run down British seaside town circa late 1980's.
You play the part of an unemployed youth who lives in a filthy bedsit and spends most of his time in an authentic 1980' style dingy betting shop betting on horse racing and football.
The aim of the game is to survive until the next giro cheque. A kebab shop and pub may or may not help! Only available on Steam for the PC.

Available on

Older releases

Starters Orders 5. PC and Mac.
Starters Orders 4. PC and Mac.
Starters Orders 3. PC only.
Starters Orders 2. PC only.
Starters Orders 1 (aka John McCriricks Starters Orders). PC only.

Jockey Rush. iOS.

Greyhound Manager 1. PC, Mac, iOS.